American special line

For Recent days  . Many package be seized in  US ,Hongkong customs board .
Cuz many drugs be checked out in Hongkong DHL with food package  .
it brings DHL closed all the shipping way  .
Fast and Safe shipping way  had ever pass away  , and we can’t pridict when it will come back again  .
However , All roads lead to Rome,  we had another shipping way “American special line” .
This shipping way do not through the customs . and it directs shippping to DHL distributer in USA from China  .
Therefore , you don’t worry about the package be seized .
By the way  , this ship way just in US can be used ,
So all the America freinds are very lucky  .
Show you the tracking details  .
For more questions , and you can contact us .
dragon labs  TeamTracking Details of USA