T4 Powder

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Name:Levothyroxine Sodium
MF: C15H20I4NNaO9
EINECS: 200-221-4
Chemical Properties:White Solid
Melting point: 207-210 (dec.)(lit.)
Solubility: cell culture medium: 0.1 mg/mL
Usage:One of the thyroid hormones involved in the maintenance of metabolic homeostasis.

T4 Na Levothyroxine Sodium COA:

Item Specification Result
Appearance An odorless, almost white or buff colored powder Pass
Solubility 1,Very slightly soluble in water Pass
2,slightly soluble in alcohol Pass
3,practically insoluble in most other organic solvents Pass
4,disolves in diluted aqueous sodium hydroxide solutions Pass
Identification a) Heat about 50 mg with a few drops of sulfuric acid in a porcelain crucible: violet vapors of iodine are evolved. Pass
b)The retention time of the major peak is confirm to the RS Pass
Loss on drying Not more than 4.0% 0.46%
C=1 in 1M HCl/EtOH 1:4
+18 ~ +22o +20.9o
Assay(HPLC) Not less than 95.0% 99.18%
Levothyroxine sodium Not more than 5.0% 0.68%

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