Name  Melatonine 
CAS  73-31-4
MF  C13H16N2O2
MW  232.28
Content  MIN 99.5% Melatonin
QC  ISO9001:2008 GMP Production Line
Appearance  White crystalline powder
Odour  Characteristic
Particle size  100% pass 80 mesh
Shelf Life  Two years
Storage  Store in cool & dry place,Keep away from strong light and heat

1. Melatonin is the most important brain efficient endogenous antioxidant, has a protective effect on the brain, so that melatonin is an important anti-aging hormones.
2. Effective in improving sleep: The proper supplement melatonin can improve sleep quality.
3. Melatonin cream, natural whitening: Melatonin can make the skin white. Can regulate endocrine, eliminate dark spots, pigmentation age spots, melasma, pregnancy spots and pigmentation caused by sun radiation, skin whitening, moisturizing, restoring youthful style.
4. Maintain and enhance sexual function: Melatonin supplements can make elderly and frail, decreased energy and libido leads to improved sexual function in the elderly, and no side effects, because melatonin is not like testosterone drugs makes indulgence, but regulation the secretion of various hormones, so they will not happen excessive or inadequate.
5. Prevention of cancer and age-related diseases: A significant anti-cancer effect of melatonin, which can enhance the body’s ability to destroy cancer cells find and eliminate free radical damage to cells, increased T cell, to maintain the body’s immune function well, while melatonin prevention and treatment of depressive disorders prime concern, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cataracts, glaucoma also have a significant effect

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